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2018 French Open Tennis Qualies • Daisy & Frankie Share A Postcard • 10sballs From Paris

By Francisco Resendiz


Photo by Daisy @10sBalls

The line is empty today. But it’s the Quiet before Sunday’s start.


Ernesto Gulbis wins but screams the same really bad words at the crowd. We Love Ernesto. When he is on and he is flowing, the strokes are great and the mind is working overtime. But when he is off, ugh.


️Again, ready for the Sunday crowds and heaps of tennis fans.


Todays “journal” of draws and matches and court assignments.


Photo by Daisy @10sBalls

Solinco’s rising star Jamie Loeb of New York. She has talent, but just hasn’t quite settled into the grind of the global WTA tour. SOLINCO believes in her. Fila believes in her. JAMIE wake up. When Martin and KT are in your corner. Hello….


And yes, when you see an “O” on players’ ️️STRINGS, it means they are playing with one of SOLINCOsports great string. KT may be the hardest working man in tennis.

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