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Australian Tennis Champ • Lleyton Hewitt’s Torch Of Greatness • Playing Dubs At Fever-Tree Championships At Queens Club 2018 + Newport

Lleyton Hewitt of Australia speaks during a press conference following the Davis Cup draw in Brisbane, Australia, 01 February 2018. The Davis Cup World Group First Round tie between Australia and Germany will take place on hardcourt at Pat Rafter Arena from 02 to 04 February. EPA-EFE/DAVE HUNT



By Christopher Chaffee


Imagine you are standing in front a steep mountain as your obstacle. Reaching the top of this mountain is a challenge and in the end will fill you with a feeling of triumph. Once, you start running up it the vertical incline increases. You struggle to breathe and your muscles begin to tighten up. Your throat burns and you feel like you can’t go on any longer. Just like a locomotive train thats needs its fire to be stoked you push yourself a little bit more. You give every last drop, every ounce of you that is left. Slowly you reach the top of the mountain and rise your arms up, in glory. You have done it! Achieving such limits is how Lleyton Hewitt has won many matches .Lleyton Hewitt will be returning to the Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, Rhode Island this summer. The last time he played there he had won the title in July of 2014. To add to his already stellar career it was his 30th and last ATP title. Nothing but an astounding effort for an athlete who deserved all the success he had earned. In 2014, Lleyton not only claimed the singles title defeating Ivo Karlovic in three sets, but amazingly enough also won the doubles event with Chris Guccione that year. Previously he had been a finalist in the singles event twice.


The true blue Aussie has retired from the singles tour since 2016, but whenever I think of the Newport Hall of Fame, I think of Lleyton Hewitt. The essence I get from the Tennis Hall of fame is it represents a magical sort of place, a sacred kingdom. It is a prestigious venue where the best of the best have been recognized and cherished. I think of it as heaven, where the tennis Gods and Kings are found. Here is where they are celebrated for the impact they had left on the sport of tennis. It is the highest prestige to have your name be inducted inside these walls.Just walking around the grounds you can feel the aurora and presence of a distinguished history.


“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire”. -Ferdinand Foch


It is a fitting tribute that Lleyton will surely one day have a shrine here. Based on how he performed and how he gave 110% effort for all those years. He rightfully possess the reputation of a proclaimed champion. The first time I saw Lleyton play, was in the US Open Semi Finals of 2000 when I was a young kid. He lost a close three set match to Pete Sampras. But I was in awe on how much courage he displayed out there. It captured my imagination. He just fought harder, dug deeper, and, and always believed he was going to win. He had hope in his blood and he had grit in his bones. The faith I saw he had within himself was very motivating.


The following year he ended up winning the US Open and defeating Pete Sampras in three sets, which jump started his marvelous journey.


Australian Davis Cup team captain Lleyton Hewitt gestures as Alex de Minaur of Australia plays Daniil Medvedev of Russia in the men’s final match at the Sydney International Tennis Tournament at Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre in Sydney, Australia, 13 January 2018. EPA-EFE/DAN HIMBRECHTS

Lleyton will always be my favorite tennis player and hero. He is an unique athlete because he has always carried a torch of greatness. His character comes out in life changing defining moments where he rises against challenges instead of falling. His biggest weapon comes from the beating muscle inside his left chest that is tougher than any Hickory tree. Lleyton’s excellence is found in his determined spirit, which fuels his iron like will.


A never say die soul and focused driven eyes, he had made a habit on preparing well in everything he asked of himself. Lleyton is a hard worker who would be willing to out training you and out work you. He took so much pride in his ability to out last and grind. Striving to become the best version of himself. This kind of attitude made him extraordinary.


A hero becomes a legend when he id standing behind what he believes in with. He does it with honor when he is able to endure the heart ache and struggles and still manages to find a way thru. He is defined by the size of his heart and his bravery to perform in times of adversities.


Lleyton is an uncanny example of this. He sets lessons we all can learn from as a symbol of a fighter who listened to that inner voice. Who refused to be out hearted and was never willing to give up.


Ready, willing, and able to do whatever it takes to perform the best he could in the arena. Giving all of his power and energy is incredibly inspiring. He will be remembered by having the soul of a Gladiator who accomplished remarkable things. All from a fire created by a spark that ignited a special flame, which formed a torch of greatness. Shinning forever on the grass courts of the illustrious Hall of Fame.


Editor’s Note: Chris Chaffee is a competitive tennis player and is the Fryeburg Varsity Girls Tennis Coach. He is also the head pro at Cranmore Fitness Center, President and head pro at the Jackson Tennis Club in New Hampshire, and works in the summer at the New England Tennis Holidays Camp.

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