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Tennis Or Pickleball For Mother’s Day?

Lovey Jergens Journal



In Mexico, “Mothers Day” is annually celebrated and observed on May 10th! But most of the world celebrate it on the second Sunday in May. (this year, May 13, 2018)


Let’s start with my Mother. How we will spend the day? Usually playing tennis. Watching tennis. Yes, the finals from Madrid. Followed by brunch. But this year she is pretty set on the idea of playing “pickleball ” instead of tennis. Is the craze of pickleball beating tennis?


We heard tennis ball sales were down 20 percent in the first quarter of the year… (not a good sign for the health of the sport) .

We hear the pickle balls split and get odd shapes.


We are open to pickleball… Why ? Simple. Anyone who loves tennis, loves hitting a ball. A ping pong ball. Racket ball. Squash ball. Paddle tennis. Platform tennis. Beach tennis.

What else is appealing about pickleball?… Let’s see.. It’s easy to cover the smaller area of the court. ️

It’s a nice way to make new friends and network… and it seems a great way to take out your aggression…. (wear eye protection)


I think for Mother’s Day we will find a ️nice court. Grass would be ideal and hit a few 10sBalls.

I thank my Mom. She is probably one of the best ever. She, herself is competitive. I’m not! I’m just as happy rallying and hitting clean flat strokes. She wants to drive the ball thru you. Her forehand is lethal.


But never once in all the years we travelled to junior tourneys did she ever care if I won or lost. The ride home was always an adventure. But always fun and light. Even when I choked. Which was often. Queen of the double faults. Either aces or dubs.


Mom, on this Mother’s Day, I want to share with the world how blessed and lucky I was that you just let me hit the ball and play tennis.


I’m not sure how many miles we put on cars… (we wore out a few clunkers) or how many Saturday mornings we went to my junior development programs from 6-9 a.m. So we would get up at 4:3o a.m. to be on time for the precious indoor court time.


Thanks MOM. Your call on which sport we are playing. I’d rather be your partner than your opponent any day. But I’m honored to be your daughter.

I’m thinking 10s…. Or pickleball. Or both.




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