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Postcard From Sven Groeneveld • Day 2 From Davis Cup Tennis In Spain • Save The Format • Players Must Unite

Photo by Sven



To be honest I never ever attended a full weekend of Davis Cup. So that is why I needed to take my parents as they also never experienced this phenomenon.


We wanted to experience it before it would disappear forever from our sport.


It is like what happened the other day when the last male northern white rhino became extinct. I wish I could have witnessed this animal in the wild but I never did and will never ever have the chance to witness this animal even in captivity.


What will happen to “OUR” Davis Cup, yes “OUR” Because Davis Cup belongs to all of us.


After two singles yesterday I did not know what to expect today from the doubles as all of the players participating did not play yesterday.


We were presented with a great spectacle of sportsmanship and great home crowd, with a special live band, creating a great atmosphere, which is generally known as the 3rd man on the Spanish Team.


However the German players had different plans and after 4 hours and 40 min. they had overcome the Spanish duo Lopez/Lopez and the 3rd man in 5 hard fought sets.


What stood out was the high amount of Breakpoints missed by the Spanish team.


In 5 sets they only made 2 of 20.


Tomorrow will be an exciting day and I look forward to this continuous experience of watching the Davis Cup how it has been played for the past 118 years.


The German Captain has a special message after the doubles victory today!


(See link)


Greetings to David Haggerty from the German Davis Cup Captain Michael Kohlmann


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