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Max Mirnyi Belarusian Tennis Legend & Olympian Lands @ JFK • Old / New Memories Are Being Made In NYC

Max Mirnyi via Instagram:

Its New York baby!!!

So many special memories for me in this City. The City that first welcomed me and I could call home after leaving my native Minsk in the middle of the breakup of the Soviet Union. I was only 13.

Thats is why it is very symbolic for me to have my dear Melanie on this trip with me while she is also now 13 and we are together on the same kind of a cold February day as back in 1991 when i first landed at the JFK.


Editors note: So great to see Max THE BEAST Mirnyi. Max and his dad Nickolai are the “Papas” of the Belarusian tennis movement. They shined the light in the path. It was always great to watch Max play singles. When he served and volleyed he just looked like this stealthy huge eagle about to pounce on you. Hence the name the BEAST. ️Maybe. ️Maybe not. We know.

We wish all the Mirnyi’s a great week in a great city. Yes, Max we know they will feed you well and welcome you with lots of love and fan support. You can fill Josh Stadium! (LJ)

Max Is 40 years old and still loves the competition… Tennis, the sport of a long time. Lifetime?

Fun time!

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