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Confessions Of A Federer Lover

Roger Federer of Switzerland in action during his third round match against Richard Gasquet of France at the Australian Open Grand Slam tennis tournament in Melbourne, Australia, 20 January 2018. EPA-EFE/TRACEY NEARMY



I’m a Federer guy. There, I said it. Rafa could marry my daughter (please?)—but I cannot cheer for him. I even cheered for Federer over Roddick in their epic Wimbledon final in 2009. All those wins Rafa had over Fed = Brutal. Closing in on career majors, Frightening. Always happy when Rafa loses (except in Laver Cup doubles with Rog), even as Djoker started to close the gap, it was always Rafa. Last year was amazing. As Roger looked like he had a shot at getting to the AO finals, I’m thinking, how amazing would it be if Roger could beat Rafa in the finals, but, of course, the opposite could happen, so maybe I should cheer for Nadal to go out early. Well, we all know what happened, and how amazing a year both all-time greats had. Rafa gets #1 but Roger goes 4-0 head-to-head. I really love how gracefully they have entered this presumably final phase of their careers, so appreciative of their special rivalry and their probable places as #1 GOAT & #1 King of Clay.


Rafael Nadal (R) of Spain receives medical treatment during his quarter final match against Marin Cilic of Croatia at the Australian Open Grand Slam tennis tournament in Melbourne, Australia, 23 January 2018. EPA-EFE/MARK CRISTINO

So Rafa vs Cilic this morning, a battle that I was sure Rafa would take. Cilic hangs in there, blows the 3rd set breaker and comes back to take the 4th. But wait, oh no, Nadal is limping, he’s injured his hip and retires in the 5th.


How terrible for Rafa, who knows the extent of the injury to his hip (see: Andy Murray).


But this is a story about my fanaticism. I am ashamed to admit that I was happy to see the great Nadal bow out, clearing the way possibly for a Fed defense of the title, and closing the gap for sure in the points rankings.


The purist Federer I’m sure is very saddened for his good friend, and only wishes him a full & speedy recovery.


If only I was that kind-hearted.


Editors Note: This contribution is interesting on many levels. First of all it reminds us of Irene Lee. She is more extreme. She doesn’t watch or follow tennis. Oh. Except for Roger Federer. She literally has never watched anyone but him. Now let’s talk about Roger and Rafa. You really can’t find two nicer guys. They just are! They are both great sports. Great champions and Great Ambassadors for the sport of tennis. Or of any sport for that matter. Yes , at first Rafa threw me. Then when you see his kindness and humility. We applaud both of the guys. We agree with Rafa that the surfaces should not all be HARD. When you look at their fitness levels and at their ages. And his two years ago it looked like they both might be done. Then we had 2017. Fasten your seat belts… 2018.

Roger Federer of Switzerland during a break in his second round match against Jan-Lennard Struff of Germany at the Australian Open Grand Slam tennis tournament in Melbourne, Australia, 18 January 2018. EPA-EFE/NARENDRA SHRESTHA

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