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Tennis Wake-Up Call From 10sBalls • Where are the Legends / Heroes?

2 of the greatest minds tennis will ever have discussing strategy at the Tennis Garden at the BNP Paribas Open – Indian Wells around 2012



Where have all the heroes gone? Some have gone to higher ground, others are still here. Do we care? Some do and some don’t. I care. I care because all those long forgotten heroes still live inside of me and bring back unforgettable memories of days gone by.


Memories of the two Pancho’s, Fred Perry, Don Budge, Gene Mako, Rod Laver, Roy Emerson, Ken Rosewall, Frank Sedgman, Fred Stolle, Stan Smith, Bobby Lutz, Bobby Riggs, John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors and the list goes on.


All in their own unique ways contributed to the game of tennis. All still add so much when allowed access.


They all thrilled the crowds at one time but soon to be forgotten as newer players emerged. Today, it is predominantly dominated by players with names that are 10 letters long. Many a flash in the pan with a longevity of a minute.


So how do we honor those tennis greats of long ago? We declare them non-existent, shades of a memory long gone. I personally loved listening to their tales of achievements that help make the game of tennis what it is today.


What a privilege to hear their many tales of the agony and the defeat that each experienced for the love of the game when there was barely enough money to get from one place to the next.


The few that we still have with us should be revered and honored for having lead the way.


Sadly, they seem to be set aside as relics on a wall. To not be invited as guests of honor in the Presidential Box Is a travesty. Instead, people who are wined and dined are people who have contributed almost nothing. How sad is this!


I propose a “Hero’s Box ” for all the players that made tennis history. And, if by some chance it is located near the President’s Box, they might just hear from the REAL PROS what tennis is all about!


By Sigrid Draper. A true insider for over 5o Years and a sometimes contributor to 10sBalls.

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