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Tennis • 10sBalls Congratulates Belarusian Super Star Max Mirnyi On His 1,000 ATP Victories

Photo by www.atpworldtour.com



Max Mirnyi via Facebook:


Celebrating @maxmirnyi reaching 1000(!) match wins with a spectacular dive… Congratulations, Max! – Photo by @tennistv via Instagram.


Photo by @belarustennis via Facebook


Photo by @belarustennis via Facebook



To read more on Max Mirnyi’s record, click on the link below



Editors Notes: Tommy Boy is so beyond proud. I’ll never forget the U.S. Open in the mid nineties. Max was playing Zib. He was down two sets and a few match points in the third when he decided it was “comeback time”. Wow. What a singles match. (still more to story..)

Max was a great singles player. But lost a lot of hide over the years playing Davis Cup 3 days in a row 3/5 sets.

We celebrated and hosted Max engagement party in London. We did miss the beautiful wedding to the beautiful Xenia. We were there with MAX and Peter as he turned 4o at Wimbledon 2017. The cake was a beauty. The fun on practice courts and visiting together. Eating flies one day (another time story)

We love and adore the gentle and kind dad he is. We admire his fitness level and disipline. And now this. 1,000 ATP wins. Awesome as Papa ️Nick would here me say back in the day. He said Awesome? I said no. AWESOME! And I say it now as well. Bravo Beast! (LJ)

Side Note: Max you are an inspiration! Just ask Mel…

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