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Lovey Jergens Journals December 2017


What a year! Really for tennis it was truly a magic year. Especially if you love old players like that GOAT and That BULL, and Sir ANDY and Mr. Bounce Bounce Bounce. And new faces too. And breakthrough players. Dozens of them. It was really exciting matches and match – ups. So many great players. FRENCH. Belgian. Spanish. Canadian. AMERICAN. Aussie. Japanese. Serbian. Croatian. You get the point. Every continent is churning out talent.


Funniest personal moment of the year. At WIMBLEDON when Kim Clijsters had that man come on court from the stands and put on one of her skirts.


Not sure if you follow our newsletters. They are free. They are great. They just come whenever… hence the name.


But the Richard’s around here all got into a “write off “. It wore me and Alejandro out. The stories flew in and out over a hundred for the Nitto Year End Championships.


We were already worn out from Years End and the U.S. Open.

And, maybe too much travel. We think we got ourselves some new writers for 2018. We didn’t lose any but (come on Lloyd) EVERYONE’S juggling so many balls. We are making a huge ball tomorrow. Yup. Taking before and after photos. (next Lob, work in progress)


Celebration of A Life Well Lived took place this past week for our buddy Francisco “Pancho” • “Sneaky” Segura. Somehow large emotional gatherings of old tennis players or aviators just gets to me. So. We had our own private. Exclusive send off party for our Dear Friend of 40 years.


Most touching without a doubt was the speech given by a 50 year old player that was one of the champs favorites.


Thanks all for attending and sharing the love and the laughs. As Pancho would say, “Keep your eyes on the balls”…


We will miss our dear friend. He was truly a Living Legend from his 20′s thru his mid 90′s.

Not bad at all… Isn’t it usually 15 minutes of fame? Not 70 odd years.

He had his loved ones, his buddies, his Jimmy, he had a great zest for life. A lifelong love and passion for tennis. That man was naughty and funny at the same time. And giggled about it knowing he was being “bad”. Pancho we brought out the best booze. The best food. Music and all the blonde beauties we could find. It was a party you would have liked.


Be sure to Tell Schroeder you beat Joe Hunt and that should quiet him.

Photo by @cocovandey via Instagram



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