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Davis Cup Tennis Format Has A Few Changes Coming

Two-day format, best-of-three-set matches to be trialled at Zone Group level in 2018 Davis Cup by BNP Paribas


A two-day format and best-of-three-set matches will be trialled in Davis Cup by BNP Paribas in 2018. The ITF Board of Directors voted to introduce the trials in all Zone Group I and II ties starting with the first round ties in February.


The board was given the authority to decide on Davis Cup and Fed Cup trials in a vote by member nations at the 2017 ITF Annual General Meeting in August.


The two-day format in Zone Groups I and II will see two singles matches played on Day 1, and the doubles match followed by the two reverse singles matches on Day 2. This will ensure that all doubles matches remain live.


Zone Group I first-round ties will be played on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 February, with Zone Group II first-round ties played on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 February.


The two-day, best-of-three-sets trial does not apply to the World Group, which will continue to play ties over three days and best-of-five sets in 2018.


Five-Man Teams

The Board has also approved a trial to increase the size of teams in the World Group and Zone Groups I and II from four to a maximum of five players to give nations greater flexibility in team selection.


Dead Rubber Policy

The following changes to the dead rubber policy will also be trialled in the World Group and Zone Groups I and II in 2018:

· No fifth rubber will be played if the fourth rubber is decisive, the same as the current rule for the Davis Cup Final. (The current rule for other ties states that the fifth rubber must be played if the fourth is decisive but less than four sets.)

· If the score is 3-0, only the fourth rubber will be played, over best-of-three-sets. (The current rules states that the fourth and fifth rubbers should both be played.)


ITF President David Haggerty said: “We are as determined as ever to enhance our flagship team competitions for players, fans, host nations, broadcasters and sponsors. The nations voted to give the Board the flexibility to trial changes, and the board has acted quickly to make this happen in 2018.


“The Board felt it was appropriate to trial the two-day, best-of-three-set format at Zone Group level. Should the trial prove to be a success, we will be in a position to consider whether it should be applied for the World Group as well after 2018.”


The trials are in addition to a series of reforms approved in August that are aimed at improving the Davis Cup and Fed Cup experience for players, teams and host nations.


These include:

· The finalists in both Davis Cup and Fed Cup are given the choice of hosting their first-round tie in the following year.

· Match court availability and practice court requirements have been lowered to reduce hosting costs for national associations.

· Davis Cup pre-tie commitments for players have been reduced.


Haggerty added: “Our priority remains to attract the top players, and these trials address some of the challenges that these players face in an increasingly crowded tennis calendar. We are working to develop player-friendly formulas that give the competitions the profile and stature they deserve.”


Former Davis Cup champion and current ITF Board member Mark Woodforde said: “The ITF Board recognises the importance of taking steps to enable Davis Cup to move forward while retaining its unique elements. The competition is steeped in history and we want to ensure that the next generation of players can continue to enjoy the thrill of representing their country in front of their own fans.”



Editors Note: 10sballs has mixed feelings to Davis Cup. It’s a real heartbreaker to spend a year fighting all over the GLOBE to win it to then have to DEFEND your title 6-8 odd weeks later… That’s just wrong. The players really give it all for their home countries and could lose first round so soon after 52 weeks? Ok. Solution. Easy.

“CHALLENGE ROUND” So whoever wins in let’s say 2017. Is already in the finals for 2018. Everyone else in their group plays off against them.


So sorry the Belarusians didn’t get back in the world group. Max Mirnyi wanted it so much for his country.

Anyway folks the 2/3 sets versus 3/5 sets I can’t chime in much on. But I sure know I’d rather play 2/3.

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