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The 10sBalls Tennis Shirt Collection | French Open Tribute to Lacoste

Lacoste shirts are so much a part of everyday life all over the world.

Yes, 10sBalls collection (our museum) has a room full from children’s wear to?

But the drawer with all the pretty colors was part of Lovey Jergens weekly faves.

Lovey recalls her first Lacoste shirt.

It was decades ago and her grandmother bought her a beauty from Saks Fifth Ave. Lovey was about a teenager. She dreamed of one and was amazed by how well it was designed.

As much as she loved it she asked her Grandma if she could return it. She knew she could buy 7 shirts for that price at Korvettes (think Target) in New York. That way she could have a clean shirt daily and enough to get thru the week.

After that she didn’t remember when the next one came along. And luckily she kept it. She thought it was possibly found in a second-hand charity store.

Now on to that beautiful collection. Machine washed. Dried flat.

The light bluish one was a 75th anniversary Lovey wears on semi day.   And the Terre Battue-colored polo is worn for the finals. And we found the black one , it’s worn the day after if we weren’t happy with outcome.

Mostly what’s been wrong with this 2024 version is the weather and the insane schedule. We’re certain many dubs players made equal or more for per diem than prize money.

Editor’s Note: No tennis matches should ever start past 9 p.m. And matches should END by Midnight or 1 a.m. latest.