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The 28-inch renditions of the Whiteout and Blackout are here. Reflecting Solinco’s commitment to high-performance and a highly customizable product line, the Whiteout and Blackout XTD+ are two proven racquets capable of enhancing all types of game styles. At 28-inches in length, the XTD+ racquets deliver greater reach, stability, and more access to power and pop behind every swing.


Increased Wingspan + Hitting Zone: The extra inch in length enables an increase in court coverage, more access to angles, and stronger return capability.

Powerful Drive + Stability: The uptick in swing weight enhances the racquet’s power potential and contributes to its overall stability and pace absorption.

Stronger Service Games: A one-inch extension creates an elevated launch angle, resulting in a boost in serve speed.


The Whiteout and Blackout XTD+ inherit the same performance innovations found in the standard length 27” versions. They integrate Liquid Crystal Technology to diminish vibration and 40T Carbon Fiber to amplify and strengthen the impact zone. Both lines of racquets can be easily fitted with our proprietary Weight Control Module for effortless fine-tuning of the weight and balance.

With the Blackout XTD+, players can expect to crush the ball with formidable groundstrokes.
The extra inch raises the point of impact during serves, making your service game stronger than ever before. This 28-inch frame offers greater stability and a higher swing weight allowing for an aggressive and all-encompassing assault on opponents.

With the Whiteout XTD+, players can count on its exceptional touch and control, and leave nothing behind in the power department. The extra inch in length takes the Whiteout’s precision targeting to the next level, allowing players to exploit every inch and angle with more easy power behind their shots.

Solinco’s XTD+ racquets are truly exceptional, representing two breakthrough frames that can provide every player with the elusive advantage needed to tip the scales in their favor. Because 28″ racquets are not widely available in the consumer market, Solinco’s XTD+ frames embody untapped potential for elevating your performance on the court. Thinking about switching to an extended frame? Read on to learn more about extended-length racquets, their core advantages, and what players should keep in mind.


Extended racquets represent another milestone in the ongoing cycle of innovation. Players can expect a range of benefits from an extended racquet:  

-Increased Reach: Extended racquets offer a major advantage: they increase reach. This allows players to access shots they couldn’t before and counter the opponent’s strategies more effectively.

Enhanced Power Potential: The longer length boosts the racquet’s swing weight and power, especially noticeable in serves. Hitting the ball higher during serves generates more speed.

Effortless Baseline Shots: The added length creates deeper, more penetrating baseline shots. This extra power lends a strong and accurate feel to groundstrokes.

Stability: Extended racquets offer a notable boost in stability at the racquet’s base, making it easier to absorb formidable topspin shots.


Despite its scarcity in the consumer market, 28-inch racquets have a broader appeal than some might assume. These racquets have a long history in the sport, having been the preferred choice of former and present champions (Michael Chang, Serena Williams, Juan C. Ferrero, Diego Schwartzman, etc.) who have relied on its advantages to bolster their power and competitive edge on court.

For the committed player, elongating the handle by an inch translates into a considerable boost in power potential, shot return, and serve speed. Choosing to switch to an extended racquet depends on factors like your skill level, playing style, weight, height, and personal preference. Treat the change as an experiment. Spend time on the court with the extended racquet to grasp its nuances and how it complements your style. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for finding the right equipment. Although it may take one to two weeks to adjust, we encourage you to stick with it to find out what the extra inch can do for you. Get advice from a qualified coach for insights, drills, and personalized guidance for a smoother transition.

The Solinco Blackout and Whiteout XTD+ is now available in select tennis retailers.

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