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Bobby Rodriguez Rules Iron Man Challenge Calabasas

Tournament Director Rob Stone (center) at the Iron Man Tennis Challenge.

Robert Downey, Jr. plays Iron Man.

Bobby Rodriguez rules as Tennis’ True Iron Man.

The ultra-resilient Rodriguez took on all comers in an Iron Man tennis Tie Break Challenge to “Beat Bobby” on stadium court in Calabasas.

At stake: Any player to beat Bobby in a 10-point tie break would not only earn eternal bragging rights as Tennis Iron Man, but $50 cold, hard cash.

Going head-to-head with Bobby in a tie breaker has been called the tennis equivalent of surviving three rounds in the ring with Iron Mike Tyson: an exercise in physical brutality and technical futility.

Yet eight players showed grit and guts stepping into the stadium court ring trying to take down Bobby.

All eight challengers were denied by the true Iron Man.

The good news: A lot of fun and great tennis was had by all.

In addition to bragging rights, Bobby won $300 in prize money, a year’s worth of Solinco string, other tennis prizes, the Iron Man Trophy (coming soon) and was fittingly saluted by his fellow finalists.

Congratulations Bobby on winning the tournament without dropping a set and for being such a good sport to play in today’s Calabasas challenge!

Thanks to everyone for a great tournament and ending the 2023 tennis season STRONG! 

Be on the lookout for the next Iron Man Tourney that will take place in late spring/early summer (so start training after the holidays!). 

Thanks to the USTA, Maria Goldberg, Anthony Shirley, Jeff Richards, Steve McAvoy, MP Tennis,  KT Kim, and 10sBalls

SPECIAL THANKS to our sponsors Solinco Sports and Top Seed Tennis Academy!