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Wimbledon Colors Light Up Empire State Building

Photo credit: @AELTC/ Billie Weiss

Wimbledon lit up New York City this weekend.

In celebration of The Championships, the Empire State Building shined Wimbledon’s iconic colors on Saturday night.

The light show complements The Hill, which recreates Wimbledon’s Henman Hill (or Murray Mountain, depending on your generation), in Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6.

Spice Girl Melanie C flipped the switch to illuminate the Empire State Building in Wimbledon’s colors of purple, green and white after performing some of her hits at The Hill.

Photo credit: @AELTC/ Billie Weiss

Presented by Barclays, Wimbledon’s official banking partner, the ‘When You’re Gone’ singer performed singles from her solo career, along with Spice Girls’ top hits at The Hill in New York on Saturday afternoon.

Back in London, three hours before the Wimbledon men’s final between seven-time champion Novak Djokovic and world No. 1 Carlos Alcaraz, TRH The Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince George and Princess Charlotte arrived on the tournament grounds and were greeted by Chairman Ian Hewitt, and his wife, Jenifer.