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Louise Pleming’s Rally4Ever: A Tennis Charity Touching Lives

An extended rally is an ongoing tennis dialogue between players.

Australian coach and commentator Louise Pleming is transforming the art of the rally into life-changing experience.

The Tennis Australia high-performance coach is one of the driving forces behind Rally4Ever, an Australian-registered charitable foundation that fosters greater community connection through physical activity.

Rally4Ever has aided Australia’s homeless, disadvantaged and at-risk communities using tennis to help form relationships, create a positive support network and connect players to mental and physical health aid.

Playing tennis and forming friendships through the sport has been particularly helpful to Aussies suffering through depression and isolation in the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We don’t judge,” Pleming said. “We’ve got young people that have had real breakdowns, older people that are just feeling very isolated.

“They are forming friendships and now go out and play tennis together. That’s what it’s all about.”

Rally4Ever is a charity organization empowering people through the power of movement, momentum, community and connection. Wimbledon champion Pat Cash, Grammy-award winning musician Seal and WTA standout Daria Saville are among the Rally4Ever ambassadors. Nick Kyrgios and Ellen Perez are among the players who have helped support the cause.

Last January 16th, Rally4Ever joined forces with tennis clubs all over Australia as well as several players, including iconic Aussie Grand Slam champions Samantha Stosur and Rennae Stubbs, to play the largest tennis rally for mental health in Australia’s history. 

Rally4Ever is accepting applications for volunteers (https://rally4ever.org/contact) and donations to help fund Rally4Ever’s national tennis and fitness programs.

To learn more about Rally4Ever, please visit Rally4Ever.org.

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