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Tennis Balls • 10sBalls wishes our Mom a very Happy Mother’s Day • 60 Years together Loving The sport

Happy Mother’s Day!
Happy Mother’s Day to all of you tennis Moms. Mums. Mamas. Mommies. Mummy’s . Grandmas and Nannie’s and Nana and Granny And Nona especially to all the worlds tennis Mothers and Grandmothers!

We were blessed. Our tennis mom was a tennis instructor as well as a good player with beautiful strokes. She had one short coming though… during the juniors tourneys… She  has a terrible sense of direction. Seems she could get us to the tourney. We lived in a tri-state area of America. So we played in New York,New Jersey, and Connecticut.

But we could barely get home . 
We sure could have used a life-changing experience with smart phones with navigation  or before that Tom Tom. Or a car with navigation.  

The woman needed a map quest. A Siri. She needed navigational system. She couldn’t read a map. So coming home from  long  day of matches she’d  follow a license plate … yup if we were in New Jersey she follow a New York car. Certain that she’d get us home before dark. Or the next day.

Or whenever.

The adventures were many. She never cared if I won or lost.

Imagine. Seriously. World’s best tennis parent!  

All I had to do was always try my best and never lose a match because I got tired.