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Louise Pleming, Australia’s Tennis Humanitarian Plans • RALLY4EVER • Huge Event Planned For Clubs • January 15/16

Australia’s Largest Tennis Rally On Top! It’s “Love All” when you join RALLY4EVER!

It began when an Australian tennis champion met a homeless man whose love for the game matched her own.

It developed into a three-year friendship and an ABC TV Australian Story called “Bouncing Back” which showed how their weekly tennis matches led to a life-changing transformation.

Now tennis commentator and high-performance coach Louise Pleming is putting together Australia’s largest ever tennis rally for mental health.

On Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th January 2022, in the lead up to the Australian Open, tennis clubs around Australia will be offering one- on- one coaching for one hour during the event.

But Louise is urging more clubs to get on board.

Tennis clubs have the opportunity to make a real difference in their local communities. Louise says “the rally day is a great way of getting people involved.”

It was after witnessing the positive changes in her homeless friend Brian, who she met by chance in Kings Cross, that Louise set up RALLY4EVER and began running weekly tennis sessions to help others struggling with mental health issues or feelings of isolation.

The program not only gets people moving again, but also creates social connections and long-term friendships.

“We are breaking down barriers and connecting everyone in our community through the wonderful game of tennis,” says Louise whose work was recently recognised with the prestigious Newcombe Spirit of Tennis Award.

“People from all walks of life join the program and no one judges. We’ve young people who’ve had major breakdowns, older people who are lonely and feel isolated, the homeless and at-risk youth on the street” she says.

RALLY4EVER already has a number of tennis and exercise programs running in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, but Louise is hopeful other clubs will not only be inspired to join the national rally day but also continue the one-hour free weekly community sessions throughout the year.

“We provide a safe place to have fun and connect through movement and it’s amazing to see our community members lift each other up and come back again the next week.”