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Happy New Year From 10sBalls / Tennis Balls

• Some of you are still celebrating. This is slightly weird. A commercial flight took off from China in 2022, and it will land in the USA in 2021. 

• Naomi Osaka said she has never been more excited for a year to be over. 

• King Kyrgios showing off a new girl on Instagram. Old girlfriend not happy! 

• Andrey Rublev looking really cool in an advertisement for @bulgari 

• We are excited about the ATP Cup in Sydney starting today. A quick reminder to the Australian commentators – Please keep in mind, if you interview a player on court after a match, please speak slowly if the player’s first language is not English. • also Do not use Aussie slang words! Australians are very good at speaking very fast and use words non Aussies have never heard of. 

• Former ATP doubles player Jordan Kerr is the ATP Cup team captain of Greece. Jordan landed the captain’s job due to his coaching connection with Greek No. 2 Michail Pervolarakis. Good Luck Jordan! …always a fave player among the fans. 

• Stefanos Tsitsipas believes in his team “I think we have a team of young players that are just hungrier than anyone else. That’s what makes us kind of stand out and we have so much energy.” 

• Sitting with the remote in hand, waiting for the first match to start – Bring it on! 

• RIP Betty White 1922-2021. 

We Hope 2022 brings peace and good health for all. We do hope Covid leaves us. But sadly too many people feel it’s just like a cold. Ok. The cold killed almost a million Americans… it’s just like that. 

See you in 2022. Peace and  Best wishes to ALL.