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TennisBalls Comes Up With More Gossip, Facts, and Tidbits

• Sadly Covid spikes again. Jamie Murray had to cancel/postpone his “Battle of the Brits”. They had put in many hours planning it. It’s a shame it had to be called off.

• Norman of Wimbledon got stuck in South Africa. Yes, he couldn’t get a flight out. Then he had to quarantine in a Marriott once he finally was able to return to London. He did get a 20-minute walk outside daily.

• Our Dear friend and Global Ambassador and master coach and Serbian star Dusan Vemic said he had 117 negative PCR tests since June 2020. Wow, that’s a lot of nose swabs? Throat swabs?

•Dominic Thiem suffers a setback with his wrist. He was planning on traveling from Abu Dhabi to Australia but instead headed home to Austria. He said he picked up a cold. Not Covid.

• Big congrats to Nicole Vaidisova on the birth of her second child named Meda with tennis playing hubby Radek Štěpánek.

• Solinco is known for its awesome strings, stringing machines, rackets, overgrips, and its amazing “heaven” socks. They are really comfortable and have great support. Available in white and black and soon in hyper G GREEN. That’s what we hear from KT.

• Who else thinks Patrick cost Serena a Major? The year he coached her from the box and she had warnings she was unaware of… We put it on him. Sadly NYC was never kind to Serena. She seemed to have questionable calls over the years.

• Glad tennis is finally doing away with lines people at the top levels of the game. The balls move too quickly for them. And their calls or attitudes result in questionable results on the outcomes?

• RF update. We hear the RF calendar may be sold out in America. Our order is on “backorder”. We hope they arrive soon. It’s a real beauty. Our autographed copy is already up and ready for 2022. Thank you Robbie, Lynette, and Team 8. Check his foundation website or tennis warehouse.

• Andrey Rublev wins in Abu Dhabi. We are proud of him. He “finished out“ the season. Some players just bailed early. They were tired… True champions fight with every ounce of energy. He represents the younger generation with the right attitude. One young American passed on Next Gen finals even though he qualified as well as he passed in Turin as an alternate. And 2 alternates got matches in. Not KOBE style. No MAMBA mentality. (not naming names but pointing fingers…)