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Tennis Legend Murphy Jensen Shares an Update on His Recovery

Murphy Jensen posted an update regarding his recovery after the 53-year-old doubles champion, commentator and coach suffered a heart attack in Colorado two weeks ago.

“Two weeks ago I suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and a series of related injuries when I fell on the court Friday October 29th, just one day before my Birthday. This all happened during an exhibition tennis match with my brother Luke while playing the sport that I love in Colorado Springs at the Garden of the Gods Resort in Colorado Springs.”

“I was immediately tended to by a team of outstanding medical personnel that was fortunately on-site when the incident occurred. Upon entering the hospital I was induced into a Coma for 5 days before seeing any improvement. Since then, I have been blessed with world class care in the hospital and I seem to have recovered faster and better than anyone thought.”

“On November 8th after 11 days under the care of the amazing healthcare professionals, I was discharged and allowed to go to stay in a home at the Garden of the Gods Resort. On November 13th, I was able to take a flight home back to Seattle. I feel I AM getting better slowly every day. The incredible outpouring of love, good wishes and prayers for me has sustained us through these days has been felt by me giving me the strength to recover so quickly.”  

“I AM forever grateful for this love from all my friends and family members. I will keep everyone posted as my recovery progresses. They say in Tennis that LOVE means nothing. This experience had reminded me and retaught me that LOVE IS EVERYTHING. Always has and always will be everything to me.”