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Tennis Champion Murphy Jensen Is On The Mend

Former Grand Slam doubles champion Murphy Jensen is recovering after being hospitalized for a heart attack. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images for DirecTV)

Murphy Jensen is recovering after suffering a heart attack in Colorado.

The 53-year-old doubles champion, commentator and coach was playing in a tennis pro-celebrity charity event in Colorado when he suffered a heart attack followed by a very bad fall.

Initially, Murphy’s health status was looking very very scary. But from day one, his medical team were on top of protocols. They took small steps daily to bring him back. The good news came in yesterday’s update on Murphy’s health.

We don’t know many details other than he did experience heart troubles back in 2002. ATP Tour physio  Bill Norris was mentioned in a “tennis Forum” article.

Word was passing slowly in the tennis community. We know the fall was horrific as he has fractures in the base of his skull. Luckily he had no spinal damage and can now take some steps and sit in a chair.

Brother Luke Jensen has not left his side. That’s what brothers and  doubles partners do. The Jensen brothers famously won the 1993 Roland Garros doubles crown and inspired Mike and Bob Bryan to Grand Slam greatness.

Murphy Jensen’s heart attack and fall happened a day before his 53rd birthday on October 30th and within day’s of his son, Duke’s fourth birthday.

Fortunately, doctors stabilized him very quickly. They lowered his body temp to keep swelling down. He was also blessed that he had no brain bleeding. He started by opening his eyes or blinking to respond to questions the Doctors asked.  He was heavily sedated.

Murphy Jensen. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

In today’s update, we learned Murphy is pretty tired and groggy, but becoming more and more “awake.” He didn’t have a restful night last night as his body functions are returning more and more.

Murphy’s vision is strong and clearer, but the bright lights hurt his eyes and he can get overstimulated. His vitals continue to look very good and he’s eating more and drinking lots of water.

Doctors plan to take Murphy upstairs to less intensive care today, which is great news. Murphy knows what happened to him and is ready to tackle recovery from this heart challenge.

Today, Murphy met Dr. Ernster, the doctor who saved his life on the court and is Murphy’s true guardian angel. Luke promised Dr. Ernster a “perfect backhand” for all the good work.

We all hope and expect nothing less than a full recovery. Murphy is a strong man. He is a fighter. This recovery will take time. But if anyone can win this match. It’s Murphy!

The Jensen brothers both attended USC. We heard Today that Murphy talked  to his oldest son Billy about why he was going to UCLA for graduate school…

All good signs Murphy is Murphy. He will probably need an implant to regulate his heart.

This will be a recovery period, but Murphy will beat all odds. Why? He is MURPHY JENSEN. We all love you!