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The 2021 U.S. Open Tennis Wrap • Gossip And Tidbits

By Lovey Jergens

It’s was one for the history books in so many ways. We did not miss the linesmen on the courts. Electronic line calls were due about 30 years ago. The lines people safety was at risk by players rages or just the speeds and spins on the balls. Also happy to see the stupid challenge system gone. We thought it was planned after many adult beverages were imbibed.

Then came hurricane IDA. Now that was amazing. It was raining in every direction but upside down. It had Rafa type spins. The flooding was knee-high to waist-high. Parts of “Flushing“ looked well sort of… anyway the Queens area was severely hit in many neighborhoods. Many of the USTA / U.S. Open staff were still on-site at 3 AM.

Speaking of Queens. The QUEEN of England sent EMMA the Queen of Queens (the New York borough the tourney is held in) with her congrats.  

It’s hard enough to win a major (slam) in tennis. It takes 7 straight wins. But with Emma’s coming thru qualies. It was 10 straight matches. It’s never been done before by any woman or man. Simply amazing. The ladies’ tourney was a great event. Lots of really good matches. Loved to see the bright young future stars…

Most unhappy the draw was not made in public. No radio. No zoom. No virtual. Just behind closed doors. Why? Why no transparency? What would Gene Scott say? He would have grabbed every player from the lunchroom and locker room and stormed the suits in their offices. Polly am I right? Evans right? It gives new meaning to the expression “back in the day“ sadly…

Sorry to see FREE • Open to the public qualies • Closed by Some Covid restrictions. Ok maybe limit access to it…  But please don’t just cancel ….

We loved the honors they paid to the military during the LT. Joe Hunt military appreciation day.

We loved how the “final 9“ were honored. Getting their rings. Being on the court for the ladies’ finals and for the coin toss. Big congratulations to Gladys Heldman. The mother of Julie and the MOTHER of the biggest women’s sport in the world. On the planet. What a visionary.

Where’s the next Gene Scott? Whose gonna kept the sport transparent. Where’s a Union?  Where’s a commissioner? Oh yeah, the gossip… they ran out of the signature “Honey Duece” collectible cups by second Wednesday. And PCR testing was limited and random … And half the “essential workers” the tennis players and their teams aren’t vaccinated…