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Julie Heldman Tennis Royalty And Hall Of Famer • is Back on Instagram Radar

Hello, social media world! I’m back! From March 2020 until early 2021, I was hunkered down during the pandemic with my husband Bernie and our beloved Abby, aka Abigail von Wiggle Butt. 

In early 2021, my peaceful existence broke wide open when I got news that I was going to be inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame as a member of the Original 9. We were the group of brave women who in 1970 stood up to the male-dominated tennis associations that were attacking our right to earn a living. Our rebellion marked the beginning of the women’s pro tour.

When I was told about the induction, I became and remained excited, because I instantly knew that, for the first time in decades, I would be able to do attend such a major event in the tennis world. The insistent and deep depression that has plagued me for so very long was finally lifting enough to enable me to partake in major celebrations.

When the induction occurred in July, I felt thrilled, honored, and so very proud to be among my old pals and rivals as we accepted the huge honor.

And now I’m back on social media, renewed and ready to explore new avenues. More is coming soon . . .

Editors note •we reposted this with the written permission of Julie Heldman. We know the WTA would have never launched and lasted if it not for her mother Gladys Heldman.

🎾 Gladys is my inspiration. Ok. In my top 5 they are 🏆
•Gene Scott
•Gladys Heldman
•Althea Gibson
•Judge Robert J. Kelleher
•Judy Murray