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“I had no pressure when I went to the juniors. I was just trying to do good in the pros too where, of course, I was not one of the best. I just tried to play good tournaments, good matches.

I never played many juniors. I started early with 10,000s and it started working good for me. I did a couple of finals when I was 15. I started from there, and I played just the grand slams.

I really like to do what I do — I love tennis. I’m enjoying a lot my time on court. I was lucky I had a good process. I always was going up slowly, but always going up. I think that’s good because you don’t feel like you’re going down and you’re losing many matches. For me everything was very slow, but was secure.

The toughest thing that I had was to stay away from home when I went to Barcelona for practice. That’s what I wanted, but I was far away from home. For me, I stay with my loved ones and just in the small city where I live — it’s really nice. I really like to stay there, so for me it was really tough.

You have to do what you think in every moment [is best]. In that moment I felt that I needed to go out, I felt that I needed to go to Barcelona in this time. I needed more level, another practice and that’s why I did it, but of course there’s one moment where you also think that you need to be back home because maybe you’re more happy there.

Everyone who I have on my side is pretty calm. They are just telling me that I need to enjoy it, to keep improving every day, and to love what I do. That’s what I try to do. For me, the biggest thing will be that when I finish my career, I will look back and I will do everything the same and I will enjoy every day. That’s the most important for me because that’s what I like and that’s how I understand that I have to do it.”

Sara Sorribes Tormo (@sarasorribes)


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