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GreatBase Tennis Weekly Insider Vol. 30

Thank you for allowing 10sBalls • TennisBalls to share and repost your great newsletter. Great advice from Welby. Whose been to Indian Wells Tennis Gardens? There’s a huge wall there with the words “Welby’s Wall.”  

Hey! Just in case you missed any of our content from this past week, you can find some of our latest instructional videos and posts from GreatBase Tennis below 🎾👍🏽


🆕 Own The Cone – Ashlyn Krueger

An archive video of Coach Dave Anderson working on backhand basics with recent U.S. Girls 18’s National Champion Ashlyn Krueger when she was a child.

🆕 Welby Van Horn – Spacing Drill

A quick video showing an idea for spacing on groundstrokes. 

🆕 Groundstrokes – Upward Angle – Visual

A short video of a junior player demonstrating a visual cue to help improve topspin on groundstrokes.

🆕  Steffi Graf Forehand Volley – Vic Braden

 Vic Braden discusses the importance of keeping your head still while hitting a tennis ball.⁣

🆕  Why To Move Through Your Volley

A goal-oriented junior player explains and demonstrates 3 reasons to move through your volleys.


🆕  Ep. 53 – Roger Federer – 40 Lessons

In episode 53, Steve Smith and Andy Fitzell honor a request. Steve put together a list of 40 tidbits to celebrate Roger Federer’s 40th birthday. One of our followers followed up and asked Steve to go through each item listed.  

Another list of 40 could easily be made because there has been a magic about Federer for 20 years. The player, along with his family, have given the tennis world so, so many valuable lessons.


🆕  An Opinion, A Chuckle

I shared an Andy Fitzell statement with ten people. Andy said without hesitation and with a straight face…

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