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Coach Darren Cahill in Self Isolation – Simona Halep was Contacted by NHS Track and Trace Just Days After Pulling Out of Wimbledon

Simona Halep’s coach, Darren Cahill.

Defending champion Simona Halep’s withdrawal due to a calf injury before the tournament was contacted by NHS Track and Trace a few days later.

The world No 3 came pulled out of Wimbledon last Friday, but she was contacted on Monday about a positive Covid case on her flight to London.

Halep’s coach Darren Cahill, a former world No 22, tweeted: “Sitting in self isolation since Monday after NHS Track & Trace made our entire flight on the 21st to the UK close contacts to someone who tested Covid positive days later.  4 negative tests in the last 8 days and fully vaccinated means zippo. Totally bummed.”

Halep was on the same flight as her coach and was also alerted by Track and Trace, by which time she had already flown back to Romania.

Had Halep not withdrawn, she would have been in the awkward position of having passed into the Wimbledon bubble and tested negative, while at the same time being instructed to isolate by the Government. Whether she would have been forced to withdraw from the tournament is unclear.