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TennisBalls Wishes American Tennis Player, Coach, & TV Commentator • Jan-Michael Gambill “Happy Birthday”

The team here at 10sBalls  spent many Birthday Celebrations together. Our staffer “the Enforcer” (he named) was Jan-Michael’s manager. They spent so many exciting times together. Jan-Michael’s highest ATP World ranking was 14 in 2001.  

One year we even flew in a small jet to celebrate the “Gambill Fest” an event the family threw annually.  It was a great summer party up near Spokane in Washington state…   It lasted for days…

Jan-Michael had wins over Sampras and Agassi, Courier, Hewitt in their prime as well as Federer in Doha.

And then there’s the PEOPLE magazine… He was chosen as One of the 50 most beautiful people. In his case… Inside and out.

We’ve been friends since 1996 when we found him in the last round of qualies at the Australian Open. We sure had some amazing years together.

The flag you see is from the state of Hawaii. It’s from the 1950s and it’s his 2021 birthday present.

Happy Birthday Jan-Mike 🎾