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Happy Mother’s Day to a Great Tennis Mom • Maybe One of The Best

Here’s some of my recent favorites of my mom. She was a great tennis instructor and player. She has beautiful strokes. She is also a great tennis analyst.

We were recently celebrated her 91st birthday and we hit a few balls. I used my favorite TOALSON training racket. 60 inches.

Then she enjoyed her “Craig’s” vegan ice cream. She was great. We Still had to watch out for that FOREHAND… because before you know it it’s smacking you …

Why was she a great tennis mom? Simple. She loved me win or lose. She treated me exactly the same on the ride home from a tourney win or lose. All she cared about was. Did I try my best? Did I have fun?  Wow. What an amazingly simple concept for a tennis parent. We traveled the east coast. We traveled the world. Tennis took us places one can only imagine. Have racket will travel.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you tennis moms. We know it’s America today. Mexico tomorrow and UK was last month. So for all of our global followers sorry if “our” sentiments are on the wrong day. We’ve enjoyed tennis together for over 60 years. That’s truly a Grand Accomplishment! Every surface. Every slam. Every player’s box.

Wow. Tennis can take you anywhere. (LJ)