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Nur-Sultan ATP Challenger Tennis Day 2 • Let’s Talk Kazakh

After the weekend we will all have a mandatory test again. In the meantime the weather has warmed up, but now we have some snow instead.

Social distance in transport is clear and the tournament has done a great job in their protocols.

Also anybody interested in Kazakh, we can sign up for a zoom lesson! I blocked the login and phone number for privacy reasons as I know many of you will be happy to get a free lesson!

Players’ service desk got it all covered from balls, water, courts, stringing, laundry and anything we need this team is really great!

The facilities are really first-class, tomorrow I’ll take some more pictures.

No match tomorrow so we will have one more day of preparation and adapting to the time zone, courts, balls, weather, and food! From Doha to Melbourne to Singapore to Nur-Sultan we are ready!