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Singapore Day 1 • Coach Sven Arrives at the Singapore Tennis Open

On arrival in Singapore, everything was so well organized and they really prepared this trip well. After the Australian Open we now know we can face some consequences that we were not prepared for. Now we know and it’s a matter of adapting, adjusting, and have an open mind. We have been conditioned with a great amount of flexibility and service on our tournaments that it’s just now to shift back in the reality that we can not take anything for granted.

Airport PCR test!

Disinfection at the hotel of all of our luggage!

We did not expect to receive our test result until 24 hours after our arrival but we got it at 3 AM which allowed us to plan our day and go on site.

Everything needs to be digitally planned and confirmed before we can do any movement!

This what it must have been like when players had the 5 hour window in their soft lockdown in Australia! I am telling you right now that this is a privilege to have in comparison to a Hard Lockdown.

3 brand new courts! Also they have a center court prepared but I am not sure if there will be spectators during the week!

Lunch was served in a special room (which needs to be booked in advance ) where we can be for a maximum of 1 hour! A whole floor is created for lunch, PCR testing and massage rooms! (All available by time allocation and booking)

Sven Groeneveld