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Special Thank You To TennisBalls • 10sBalls

Since Taro and I had the bad luck of being on one of the flights that were forced to go into Hard Lockdown, from the beginning I felt so bad for Taro, he would get stuck with a bill for my two weeks of inactivity. I felt obligated to do something about it and told Taro I would not charge him for one of those two weeks. However, I still felt bad and shared my story with the team at TennisBalls • 10sBalls. They decided to do something about it and will pay for my 2nd week of the Hard Lockdown. In hindsight, I never thought of this potential situation being such a bad part of the trip and feel that this should have been thought through. Tennis Australia even offered money to those players that would not use all of their credentials. Maybe they also should have thought of having a fund to support those players in hard lockdown who did take their team members and had to pay their salaries during a time of forced inactivity. TennisBalls • 10sBalls has always been a great supporter of tennis players and coaches, but they have gone beyond in this gesture of kindness and support! Thank you!