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AO 2021 • Day 28 • Sven’s Day Off in Melbourne, 5 Day Mandatory Lockdown Announced

By Sven Groeneveld

Today we had our day off and as it turned out the best day to maximize your time outside and go into the city and head to the beach! Although my day started in the botanical gardens again not knowing what was about to happen later today.

We got an email at 13:30 that there would be a zoom call at 14:00!

Walking back I could not resist to have time lapse on my phone while there are still shops open and people on the streets!

After the Zoom, I went to St. Kilda for the first time since we got to Melbourne. Normally one of my favorite places to have dinner and drinks! This time it was the sights sounds and an ice-cold Peroni! (16 dollars for a pint).

The Esplanade Hotel always the best place for live music! Had many great visits with my dear friends Peter Lundgren and Broderick Dyke.

Later in the evening we found out no international flights will land from tomorrow over the 5-day lockdown! (will have to monitor this over the next days in relation to our travels to Singapore).

-wearing mask indoor and outdoor

-all shops/restaurants closed (only deliveries)

-limit of 5 km away from your residence

-2 hours Max outside for exercise

-no spectators at the tennis

-tournaments will go ahead and players are considered essential workers which allows all of us to continue to practice!

Sven Groeneveld