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Sven Tennis • Day 16 • Australian Open • Melbourne Park

What a view!!!! This Balcony is a Blessing!!!!

Had 5 hours of great deep sleep but needed to get up and get my dose of fresh air.

Made it to the bus in time and off to the courts for our 1st full day at the courts!

Could not resist to get around and about and get more fresh air and just made my rounds around the grounds.

Entry to Rod Laver for our first session today!

“T” A “R” O is right at home!!!

Needed to make a memorable still moment for our time on court.

Tip of the werk! First Day make it your laundry day!

When you get back to the apartment and the sky is giving you the view of this beautiful city Melbourne.

Thank you for this incredible first full day back among the citizens of the city and players at Melbourne Park.

Calling it a night because that 5 hours of sleep sure is catching up with me.

Sven Groeneveld