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Sven Tennis • Day 15 • Hard Lockdown at The Australian Open • Exit Day Has Finally Arrived

By Sven Groeneveld

It’s been an experience of a lifetime and certainly will not be forgotten. From the daily calls and updates, to the lamps, the view and the food. Hard to put it all in words and how to share this experience, I am sure for everybody’s experience was different.

The exit email was delivered at 18:27 and that meant another 5 and half hours to be able to exit!

I have never packed so early, nor have I enjoyed my packing as I did today. Because one thing I absolutely don’t like is packing but this time it was a joy!

Not much later The End of Detention notice was delivered with an exit time of 23:30.

My last supper in room 6604 in the Pullman Albert Park! My compliments for the variety of food and the quality they delivered always punctual every day!

My 16 day supply of daily juices I did not drink and told them that they did not have to send them. To much sugar for me in this drink.

Once we did exit (Taro left 30 min before me) cars were waiting and the credential was given upon your exit. They checked your passport and your signed a waiver for the badge and Gym access (which normally always takes places on-site) Taro had a great hit for about an hour on the outdoor courts at the NTC side of Melbourne park!

Now it’s 2:30 Am and checked into the apartment Taro and I will be sharing! Great location with beautiful views over Melbourne (will update tomorrow) for now good night and thank you for helping me through this period!

Sven Groeneveld