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Sven Tennis • Day 14 • Hard Lockdown in Melbourne • Last Official Night Of Quarantine

By Sven Groeneveld

To start my day it’s great to finish my first week of Meditation with Jackie Reardon.

Today is day 14 as we know by now we are not getting out until midnight tomorrow! Tonight I got my notice that this is the last night.

I had another great ride on my spinning class I also had a lot of calls with Erwin of OrangeCoach to get the landing page for www.TennisWallUniversity.com sorted.

Also had our standard calls with the team of Tennis Australia where we received our latest updates on the exit and practice and transport bookings and the Mask protocols.

Based on the local regulations of the state of Victoria!


The rest of the day I was glued to the tv and watching tennis in Adelaide. We did not hear a thing from that Cohort the entire time but by the look of it, the players had great preparations they look fresh and well prepared by the standard of tennis they are producing.

The courts in Melbourne we closed for cleaning and they picked the right day as it was a rainy day today!

Looking forward to day 15 tomorrow where we will get our exit notification underneath the door! However today and yesterday Aspen Medical did not check in with me (I guess they have given up since they still are completing my file). Today I had my last complete PCR test and tonight received my negative result.

Sven Groeneveld