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Sven Tennis • Day 10 • Hard Lockdown In Melbourne • Freedom In Quarantine, Saliva Test and a Heat Wave

By Sven Groeneveld

Being in this Hard Lockdown can be seen as a punishment and restrictive however I have never felt so free.

Check out my interview! This has been the most open I have been in an interview because the energy and love from this team is just electrifying! Go check out the Bruthas On Tennis.

Twitter https://twitter.com/bruthasontennis?s=21

Instagram https://instagram.com/bruthasontennis?igshid=1v7bukvjd75z5


Saliva Test Done (Taste is the worst), but it’s more pleasant than the Nose and throat.

Green Dot means Hard Lockdown!

Laundry dropped off yesterday before 8 AM back the next day before mid-day!!!

Colorful lunch and very tasty it’s a real treat each day! Perfect timing after my spinning class and the call at 2 pm with Tennis Australia

This is the layout of the facility divided into 3 zones for the public during the @ausopen MC zone will be primarily used during the week prior to AO and then after the entire facility will be used during the AO.

The Heat is one hundred in Melbourne!!! On these days you can be happy to be inside. I know some will suffer today and will pay the price if they did not hydrate prior or will not hydrate after!

I still have 3 cases of water and had another one delivered by I am sending back TennisAustralia is doing their part on Hydration!

Taro got his delivery. I am still waiting on mine. Fingers crossed I will get it as well! This will be fun but most importantly Taro can have his practice session!

Those who know Melbourne also know the weather can change in a heartbeat and it’s threatening to give us some rain!

Test done this morning and result in the evening! Great turn around (only saliva today)