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Sven Tennis • Day 8 • Hard Lockdown In Melbourne • Time Flies!

Crazy how time is flying and just keeps ongoing. Another case of water was delivered!

The other I was made aware of this new app (By Viktoria Wohlrapp – from my Porsche days ) @joinclubhouse where people can create rooms to host a collective show and interact with those who are listening in. Very cool stuff and of course had to join @KasiTennis in two days we will go live again!

@tarodaniel93 had a podcast on @ATPTennisRadio I think he has had almost everyday an interview and he is killing it!

Test again this time early in the day! They take a code that you received when you registered, your date of birth and your phone number. After taking the rest you get a confirmation of the test. Today was again the mouth and the two nostrils. There is always some form of anxiety kicking in anticipating the potential pain when they get the Qtip ready. Will never get used to it!

Everyday routine for the extensive security measures we have small vans leaving every 5 min. Police observation the entire time!

Lunch I had to cut down but enjoyed the chocolate tennis ball 🙂 (instead of the turkey sandwich)

I have purchased the @remarkable and I tell you this digital notebook is the best ever! Check it our when you have a chance

Just before I had my lunch I had a great podcast with BRUTHAPNTENNIS https://instagram.com/bruthasontennis?igshid=1sgfg9445xdqm it was the most open and most reveling interview I have given ever! So check it out on Monday!

Lunch was delicious the variety is phenomenal and the portions are great!

Besides having 2 daily calls with Craig Tiley and his team they have also created a way for us to connect in spinning classes and yoga! Player Service are taking it to another level! We are treated as royalty here and I sure know how to appreciate it!

Since I had to come up with my Bernie Meme I decided to find the connection with Bernie Sanders and Bernie Tomic! I know I have to much time and I agree!

Sven Groeneveld