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Sven Tennis • Day 5 (Part 1) of Melbourne Hard Lockdown • Webinar, Yoga Mat, and Bike Ride

By Sven Groeneveld

2:00 Am wake up call for my live webinar on the @OrangeCoach exchange with Jackie Reardon of https://friendlyeyes.com and author of Mindset https://www.amazon.com/Mindset-Mental-toughness-Reardon-2010-08-11/dp/B01F81M3HI

Breakfast served at 7 Am and I was ready for it after an early start!

With the breakfast came additional support during this hard lockdown, a yoga mat to stretch and meditate, and to just have some comfort while doing your workout!

Thank you for all you do for us @ausopen.

Tour of my room and day!

Right after the video I did a great 1.5 hour bike ride and listened to Taro’s interview with Ben on no challenges remaining https://nochallengesremaining.podbean.com/e/episode-289-locked-inside-with-taro-daniel/

Perfect timing for my lunch!

Having a call at 2 pm with the TA team and Craig Tiley and after i will take a nap 💤 long day already. This experience will give me so much more to appreciate!

Sven Groeneveld