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Sven Tennis • Day 4 • Melbourne Hard Lockdown • Part 2 • Negative Result, Equipment, and a Surprise!

By Sven Groeneveld

Receiving my negative result always is a celebration!

At 15:51 test number 3 this time just Saliva! This requires you to put a type of Qtip stick into your mouth close it and just make it as moist as possible. Whatever it takes!!!

So I thought I would have so many things to do but I ended up doing only a few things and mainly catching up on calls and requests.

Due to the protocols in place, we can not hand over any equipment to a person during our hard Lockdown. This may not seem an issue if your player is next door. Normally you would just hand it over and not even leave your room. However, there is no chance I will do this and break the rules and get punished for something that seems so insignificant. However, the people of Melbourne work so hard to keep their community safe and I will comply with all the requests. The team of Tennis Australia was so fast to reply and to understand the urgency of having the right equipment to prevent injuries. (Knowing that players in hard quarantine will most likely have to compete at the highest level the day after leaving the 2-week lockdown.

Tonight we had another call with Craig Tiley and his TA Team plus the WTA and ATP senior leadership attending as well!

We are making progress and getting more answers by providing a lot of transparency! I would like to see that this will continue to be the standard for our community. We have to look at the potential worst-case scenarios (rather than best potential scenarios in order to avoid any falls, expectations) during the pandemic and act accordingly to protect this local community in any way we can.

I am very grateful for all TA is offering us and how Craig and his team are going above and beyond to help us through this Hard Lockdown.

As I was about to call it a night, I had to make this one additional entry because at 10:20 pm a knock on the door and this was delivered to my room!

Blessed to finish the day with a beautiful sunset!

Sven Groeneveld