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Sven Tennis • Day 4 • Melbourne Hard Lockdown • Part 1 • Hydration, Sim Cards and Fruit

By Sven Groeneveld

Late wake-up call 6:30 am and my breakfast was a little later today. It was a repeat of 3 days ago. This was the first day that it was tougher to wake up but thank goodness for Nespresso!

Waking up here in Melbourne means first to call the homefront in Europe (we are 10 hours ahead). Catch up with the family and loved ones and start off with some love to the world around us!

Christopher Clarey of the New York Times reached out earlier today with some questions since he is writing the book about Roger Federer. The Master : The brilliant career of Roger Federer.

Taro reached out to me asking if I was in the ATP Meeting for those in Hard Lockdown. I was not sent an invite but was able to join after Taro sent me the link. ATP doing their job to look after their members is not easy during this period. Players need to help them to represent their needs during these challenging times! The first week back is ATP week so they can have some impact on how to help players acclimatize.

After the call, I got a nice surprise! A delivery which is an absolute necessity: Hydration especially in a hard lockdown, it’s the perfect time to hydrate your body because once you get out of your airconditioned room after 2 weeks you better believe your biggest opponent is the heat and hydration! So start hydrating now so your immune system is prepared for the shock it will get upon the first days in the heat!

Since the internet is not always working, on one of the calls Sergiy Stakhovsky shared with us where to get a sim card through @Ubereats. Happy camper to get my @Amaysim.

After the daily update with team Tennis Australia on zoom. Just got another tournament delivery courtesy of Tennis Australia from www.thefruitboxgroup.com.au

This was in the box.

Going to take a quick nap and get ready for my 2nd part of the day!