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Sven Tennis • Day 11 • Travel Day #1 • Doha to Melbourne

By Sven Groeneveld

You know when you set two alarms you are not wanting to take any risk to miss this flight!

The 3 Am departure from Hotel went smoothly also due to the fact that on check out the bill was already paid by Tennis Australia!

When we got to the airport it took some time but then again we had 4 hours to check-in and go through the customs. You can see how empty it was!

However, two hours later it was packed and we obviously did not want to be among all of these passengers.

We had a nice breakfast and caught up with the player liaison Andre SA (who again made sure all went smoothly and got us all checked in).

Could not resist taking this picture of a very cool art piece!


Luckily we are on a charter flight because I would think my name change on my ticket would not correspond well with my passport.

The flight has 20% capacity however when I got to my seat I was actually next to a player. After explaining our distancing protocols and checking with the crew I was able to move back. Totally empty

We also found out today that during the 2 bubble quarantine we will have to be tested everyday (for some reason the level of safety checks have picked up)

We were speaking about the fact that this would have been such a Netflix docu moment but I guess people will have to do with my blog!

Sven Groeneveld