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Sven Tennis – Day 7 – Laundry Day And Covid Test From The Australian Open In Doha

By Sven Groeneveld

This is the day where you get to take advantage of starting on the first day!

Not much other than a repeat of the days leading up to match day with the ability to work on some areas and reflect on the match from yesterday.

As mentioned yesterday it’s also the day to bring some laundry to the site. You drop it off in a laundry bag, they write down your name and they pass you a small piece of paper with the number corresponding to your bag. Fingers crossed I will get it back!

Since yesterday was our 2nd test day we are also all waiting for our results but I just heard that Kudla had some bad news after his victory today. Now his opponent not only lost but might have to quarantine for potentially a week due to close contact!

My Test came back negative!!!

Tomorrow Taro will start again 1st match at 10:30 AM so we will have the same routine for preparations as on the first match! The scheduled time zone was from Australia! a bit odd if you have to figure out your starting time by going to your world clock.

Sven Groeneveld

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