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Tennis Player Ellen Perez Postcard From Perth • Re: Quick Note/Update

Editor’s Note • The postcard below is from Ellen to Frankie. Alicia Molik is a great Lady. They are lucky she is putting them up. We will never forget 10sBalls party house, oh I mean hospitality house. We found Alicia loading the dishwasher. I almost  fell over. A tennis player being thoughtful… she had a nice career and was an Olympic medal winner. Hi Alicia. (Indian Wells 2010? She is the captain of the Australian “Fed Cup”. A week ago she had stood outside Ellen’s window on her 25th birthday. She stood on the sidewalk holding balloons and sent gifts to their rooms.  She is a Great lady.

Thank you Ellen you did great!   You really were very lucky to have each other as well as a hotel with a chef. (Versus packaged meals.) Your daily’s were addicting and insightful. Louise is about to take the onesie point of view for TennisBalls • A real  personal challenge. (LJ) 

Hey yea thanks it feels good. Tonight will be my last story. I’ll write about leaving hotel iso and the procedures, my day, dinner at Alicia’s, what I look most forward to now that I’m out and going forward my plans. But from Sunday onwards I won’t be writing as there’s nothing more for me to write on and only wanted to do it while I was stuck in the room. Once I’m free I’m going to go enjoy it 😋 and enjoyed writing for you. Thanks for the opportunity.