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What Exactly Is Hotel Quarantine? • Tennis Player Ellen Perez Concludes Day 11

As I write about the conclusion of day 11, I realize there’s only 3 days left to go! I also realize I have failed to explain what exactly hotel quarantine means. As a traveller returning from overseas and wanting to enter Australia the government has mandated a 14-day hotel quarantine. Part of this deal is that all travellers are required to pay for their quarantine. In this instance because I’m quarantining in Perth it costs $2500 but some other states cost $3000.

Each quarantine hotel varies in experience of what to expect. Quarantining in Perth means no time allowed outside, however, in some states you are allowed an hour outside to walk around and get fresh air. There are also no balconies here in Perth and only have a small window that cracks open to get air. This isn’t the most ideal, but I count my blessings as not all the Perth hotels even have windows that open. Some hotels outside of Perth have balconies on offer. The quality of the hotel room also varies greatly. Some are super modern hotels, and some are more average. Size of the room varies too, and it seems to be potluck if you get a suite, a room with space or a room with 2 beds even though might be alone.

Dasha and I were lucky as we were able to get a room with interconnected doors, but some hotels don’t even allow that. Our room is quite spacious and after we remodelled the whole room by moving the beds around and taking our side tables and rotating items, we have managed to make one room a large workout room. Maybe our remodelling skills will inspire the hotel to keep this arrangement for the next guests. Now what I consider to be the most important aspect that what will determine how good your stay is, is the quality of food.

I think we struck gold here as the food at the Mercure Perth is made in house by the chef and it is exceptionally good. A lot of hotels are using catering services and packaged meals which look and taste terrible (I’ve been following a page on facebook called rate my plate – Australian hotel quarantine food). When you land in Australia it’s completely random which hotel you will be sent to and you have no say. You are police escorted all the way to the hotel room from the airport. It’s all very professionally done and quite a lengthy process.

So today on day 11 I woke up around 9am as that’s when they deliver my breakfast. They knock loudly on the door to let you know it’s arrived, and it always never fails to wake me up. I have been tempted to make it later but then again, it’s a good way for me to not sleep in too long. The hotel staff leave the bag of food at your door and you are required to give it 10 or so seconds so they can walk away and then you can collect it. This morning I had a bacon and egg roll. It always comes with a piece of fruit and a juice box. I have assumed quiet the collection of juice and fruit over these past few days as I’m trying to cut down on all the sugar. Fortunately, here at the Mercure although they deliver their food in plastic containers, they have given us plates and silver cutlery. It’s weird to consider this a luxury but it seems as though we are very fortunate to have this as everyone else, I know who has completed quarantine hasn’t had anything but plastic containers and cutlery. However, with this great luxury comes the need to then do my own dishes. They provide us with dishwashing soap and then Dasha and I take turns in washing the dishes in the sink. When I say take turns, I mean she does it 4 nights in a row then I do it once hahah! We then leave all the rubbish outside the door which is collected at 11am every day.

Today we started our workout at 12 as we were rather slow to kick ourselves into action. We then followed up the session by lying on the floor trying to catch our breath and for the pain to dissipate.

This then progressed to us lying on the bed and making slow motion videos of us throwing our phones around. It wasn’t until a knock at the door to tell us a delivery had arrived that I finally was able to get up.

I was surprised to a package from my boyfriend which included a 1000-piece puzzle, tea, my favourite chocolate and a colouring book. It was just the gift I needed at this time to get me going again with activities and tasks. I started to get a little lazy with drawing and making bracelets.

Lunch today was chicken wings and rice and it may have been one of the more boring meals so far.  The afternoon then consisted of a small nap around 4pm from working so hard in the day haha and then starting the puzzle and colouring in a little bit of my book.

I was impatient for dinner today and decided to order the all-important bubble tea and even bought myself 2 so I have one for tomorrow. I actually think that’s a smart play to have something exciting to look forward to for the following day. Too bad I only figured that out now at day 11. For dinner they stepped up their game and it was a nice roast chicken with vegetables in a jus gravy sauce. After dinner it always a fairly similar routine of Tv shows, movies and facetiming some friends before going to bed super late.