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Tennis Coach|Architect Sven Groeneveld Sends A Post Card From Paris And The French Open Lunchroom

The salad bar at Roland Garros is first class and the players do have PerDiem of 120 euro a day for themselves and their team. Due to the early closure of restaurant after 4 pm the line (without the social required distance) at the coffee bar is massive as players tend to empty their daily allowance!

Postcards from Sven are always Appreciated and insightful. The salad bar is a beauty and you are served your choices (rather than a help yourself ) • Many germs can be passed via a “salad bar”, even with a sneeze guard.
•Sounds like the coffee line needs more staffing. Tennis players love coffee ( constant cases of jet lag).

Sven is busy coaching Taro Daniel. He is representing TOALSON rackets, strings and the worlds best training tennis equipment. And he is with his ORANGE COACH helping coaches get careers or new positions.
We wish SVEN And TARO great luck in Paris and we will keep you posted (LJ)