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Tennis Balls YES • Tennis Bubbles ?… ATP | WTA Players Head To The U.S.Open • Also Sorry Novak Djokovic

Photo By Francisco Resendiz

By Francisco Resendiz

The idea of tennis being played on a pro level right now seems “whacky”, we wish we could think of a better word. A bigger word. But it’s not needed. The sport needs to start up again when the Covid Pandemic is officially over or a vaccine is developed. Better testing too.

We apologize to Novak Djokovic. Sorry NOLE you just wanted “normal” again. We all do. We are living in The Twilight Zone. We have a staffer fighting for their life right now from covid. The masks are needed and put fully over your nose and mouth. Some people are covering eyes as well, especially when out and about.

We truly can’t imagine that people can object to wearing a mask. There is no such thing as a BUBBLE to protect these world class athletes.

German Benjamin Hassan became the first ever tennis player to play a masked match.

We called Novak irresponsible. We call WTT the same or worse.  Time will tell. How all the golf , skeet shooting and activities were sterilized in the “bubble”? Was every bowling ball wiped down after each group? Were the shooting vests pockets cleaned from the last wearer?

Besides the players and coaches and families and their entourages • Add to that • There’s hotel guests at the Greenbrier as well. One of the great resorts of the world. But it’s not a bubble.