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Tennis Champion Jimmy Connors and son Brett Connors Have a YouTube Channel

Photo Credit to BCP Wimbledon Main Court

We encourage all of our readers to take a look at the Advantage Connors YouTube channel.

The whole team here at 10sBalls.com is excited to see and hear who they will have on next. The Connors are both very genuine and interesting people we are sure all the guest will be too. Please follow the links to the YouTube Channel and do not forget to subscribe. The faster you subscribe the sooner you get alerted when the Connors have a new videos. Take a look at the current videos with Mike Tyson, Dennis Miller and Jimmy Connor’s Labor Day weekend.

AELTC Main Gate – Photo Credit to BCP

“Advantage Connors”, is an ongoing conversation between Tennis legend Jimmy Connors & his son Brett Connors. Follow along as they cover the worlds of tennis & gambling on a weekly basis along with whatever else pops into their head that day. Jimmy Connors is a legend in tennis having played professionally for over 30 years. His record 109 ATP tournament wins still stands today, & includes 8 grand slam singles titles. Brett Connors has worked in live Tennis production for over 12 years. Having also traveled the tour with his father in the 80’s and 90’s this gives Brett a unique view of the tennis world.

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