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Tennis 10sBalls Gets A Postcard From Sven Groeneveld And Lovey From Japan

Editor’s note: We are having the best time here. Sven’s busy with Toalson and I am going to look like a sushi roll soon. The food in the players lounge is fabulous. By tomorrow I’ll let you know about the media restaurant. The kindness and courtesy and manners of all the staff is truly welcoming. We wonder why more tennis tourneys don’t understand they are basically in the hospitality industry. Maybe some events “get it” for the sponsors and players. But the media is treated like they wish you weren’t here attitude. The Brits get it right. The U.S. Open gave $15. Ricky worked 15 hour days… just saying. This is a fantastic event. I’m so glad Sven dragged me along. (LJ)

The early bird gets the worm.
Toalson makes some of the finest tennis strings and tennis rackets in the world. Our favorites are the training rackets. The weighted one. And the 60 sq. inch frame.
Official draw

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