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Billie Jean King And Rosie Casals Unveil Pavers Honoring ‘Original 9’ And Gladys Heldman At The U.S.Open Tennis

Tennis legends Billie Jean King and Rosie Casals, members of the Original 9, unveiled their pavers honoring Gladys Heldman and the entire Original 9 on the USTA Foundation’s Avenue of Aces® today.

 Next year will mark the 50th anniversary of the Original 9 and the signing of their $1 contracts with Gladys Heldman, signifying the birth of women’s professional tennis as we know it today.

  Funded by the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative, these pavers are located in the Billie Jean King neighborhood, the first neighborhood just after the Founder’s Court.    

Editor’s Note: Everyone at TennisBalls • 10sBalls • is thrilled. Finally Gladys Heldman gets recognized as the leader she was in the ladies tennis world! Gladys was one of a kind. She saw injustice and she acted. She put her money where her mind and mouth were. She is the most successful businesswoman tennis has known. She published and founded WORLD Tennis Magazine starting in 1952/1953. It was the only way to really follow the sport back in the day. Gladys was tireless in her efforts for over 50 years. We applaud the USTA. We applaud Julie Heldman and her beautiful sister Trixie. They helped their mother and dad get almost every issue out. Julie was little but she was out in “boothland” selling issues and subscriptions. 

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