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Tennis • Pregnant Pause • That’s What The WTA Should Called It – SERENA Williams Treated Unfairly By 2018 FRENCH Open

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By LOU Fuller


Where did common sense go? What’s up with the world? It seems sideways or twisted or tweaked and twerked and tweeted.


New mother SERENA Williams was not “given” a seed into the FRENCH Open 2018. That is so rude. This woman athlete/mother is the GOAT of LADIES tennis. She is a former number ONE. Former FRENCH Open Champion.


Serena and her awesome handsome husband brought a beautiful bundle of joy into this world. Now she is in Paris. Working hard straight from the Royal Wedding (Smoller was there too, in a dress…) and word comes out today. No seeding…


Wow. The WTA fellow players are all agreeing it’s just plain wrong. Wrong on so many levels….


Yes, it’s discretionary on each of the Slams Federations to create the seedings. In the old days the “clay courters” rarely played Wimby or any grass.


And once the U.S. Open went to hard court they didn’t play there either. So seeds were often screwy.


Same at WIMBLEDON. They didn’t usually seed clay courters based on their rankings.


Serena’s ranking didn’t freeze. It plummeted. She seems to have no protected tourneys coming her way? ️Maybe just wild cards? We aren’t certain. And this news is just breaking. All we can say is. It’s wrong! And SERENA, we are certain all the players are now really nervous. Same locker room there? What will WIMBLEDON do?

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